Disclaimer: this feature is available starting from the Startup tariff.

Telegram Payments is a free and open platform that allows you to accept payments from Telegram users directly in the messenger. There are 2 steps to connect it to the store: in Telegram and in the Botstore control panel.

How to connect Telegram Payments in the messenger

1. Write to the bot @BotFather in Telegram. 

2. Select /mybots command and the bot you want to connect. 

3. Click on the Payments command.

4. @BotFather will send you a list of payment methods available for activation.

If you are connecting the payment method for the first time, the message will look like this

5. Select the payment method. When you click on it, Telegram will redirect you to it's bot – you will only need to enable payment acceptance by its commands.

This is how it looks in the ECOMMPAY test bot

6. After that, go back to @BotFather, select your bot and click on Payments: it will send you the same list of payment methods, but with payment tokens of the methods that you have already connected.

Each option from the list suggests connecting a test and a working method. The first one is needed only to test the process without real payment using a test card, for example, 4242 4242 4242 4242. It makes sense to use it if you are connecting Telegram Payments for the first time – to understand the process. In other cases, you can immediately connect working payment methods without doubting their safety and operability – Botstore has already checked everything.

How to connect Telegram Payments on Botstore

To complete the Telegram Payments connection process, you need to add a real payment token in Telegram to the Botstore control panel.

1. Open the control panel and go to Payments > Settings. 

2. Click Connect and select Telegram from the dropdown list.

3. Enter the payment token received in @BotFather and click Save.

4. Well done! Telegram Payments appeared in the list of connected payment systems.