There are 2 steps to upload a catalog from an XLSX/XLS/CSV-file. 


The system supports uploading a price list in .xlsx/.xls/.csv formats. To prepare the price list, you can take this example and work with it further.

The file has to match a certain structure and contain a required set of fields, obligatory ones – ID, Active, Section 1, Name and Price

Description of fields (columns)

  • ID* – a unique identifier of the product on your website, in the database etc. The ID is used for future product updates. An arbitrary number can be used as an ID, but it is important not to change its compliance with the product.

  • Enabled* – value 1 – to show the product in the chat store, 0 – to hide it. 

  • Category 1* – the first level category. Identification occurs by name. If you change at least 1 symbol in the future upload, a new category will be created.

  • Category 2 – a subcategory of the 1st level category. Optional field.

  • Category 3 – a subcategory of the 2nd level category. Optional field.

  • Category 4 – a subcategory of the 3rd level category. Optional field. If you need more categories, you should use import .xml/.yml files.

  • Title* – product name, up to 255 characters. Products with the same names are combined into a group that is shown as one product. For example, different sizes of pizza.

  • Description – a detailed description of the product.

  • Weight – data in free form: 700 grams, 700 g, 700g, 0.7 kg etc.

  • Volume – data in free form: 8 p., 8 pieces, 1 liter, 0.5 liters etc.

  • Diameter – data in free form: 30 cm, 30cm etc.

  • Size – data in free form.

  • Color – data in free form.

  • Price* – the price of the product per unit in the specified currency.

  • Picture – a link to the product image. To upload multiple images for one product, specify each link from a new line. This should be a direct link to an image file in the public domain (without a password). To place a file, you can use services like, etc.

  • VAT – value-added tax on a product. 

  • URL – а link to a product in your online store.

  • Category URL – a link to the page or Telegram profile. It is shown in the Categories. If the Section link field is filled in, the product on this line is not loaded.

* – required fields. Encoding for CSV-files – UTF8, delimiter – ";".

Import a price list

1. Log in to Botstore. 

2. Go to the Import section.

3. Select the price list file in the Upload new data section.

4. Click Upload.

5. Wait for the import to complete. If the import is successful, the status will change to Done. If the import has been in the Waiting status for a long time or there are errors that you can't handle on your own, contact support.