To create a bot in Telegram:

  1. Click Start for Free on the main page and go to the Botstore control panel.

This is how the basic settings menu in the Botstore control panel looks like

  1. Create a Name for the bot. It will be displayed in the Telegram chat.

  2. Enter the Bot's Telegram Token. This is a special key from the bot, with which it can be connected to third-party services.

Here's how to get it. 

  • Create a name and username for the bot.

  • @BotFather will send you a token like this: 238279964:AAFE6-1ZuCAcEOUPa63XlLxxq9qYU1iYdbs

  • Enter it in the Bot's Telegram Token gap.

  1. Select the Language for the bot.

  2. Select the Currency for the bot.

  3. Select the Timezone in which your company works.