With Botstore you can sell any products or services in Telegram.

We made a demo bot – a fictional food delivery service. Visit it, scroll through the menu, order something and find out how your chatbot will work.


When you receive an order from Telegram, it is displayed in your Bostore personal account. There you can also process, change the status and split orders into groups. 

After creating a store, you can check for yourself how your bot works. Click here to find out how to make a test order.


With the bot, you will be able to accept payments directly in Telegram. There are 5 options to do this: Telegram Payments, Yookassa, Robokassa, payment link or LiqPay.

Botstore doesn't charge a transaction fee. All payment methods supported by the service use the services of third-party organizations to process payments.


You can configure the parameters of the delivery of products in Botstore control panel: make it free, set a minimum order amount or specify a fixed delivery cost.