After creating a store, you can check how your bot works.

1. Open the bot and click Start.

2. You will see the main menu with the CategoriesCartMy ordersNewsSettings and Support sections.

3. To place an order, select the Categories section.

4. Next, select a smaller section to see the list of products. For example, the Japanese menu. Choose a category – for example, Noodles and rice.

5. Now you can select products from the catalog and add them to the cart or favorites if you have activated this feature in the settings. Products go to the shopping cart after you click the Buy button.

6. Go to the cart to see and check the order. It will show the number of products and the total price of the order. If you accidentally add an extra item to the cart, it can be easily removed. If everything is correct, click Confirm.

7. Choose the delivery option: Pick up or Express delivery. If you set only 1 option in the bot settings, then clients will also see only this option.

8. If you have chosen Express delivery, the bot will ask you to choose a convenient time for it. By default, the time is as soon as possible, but you can change it by sending a message with the time you need. If you are okay with the default time, click Correct.

9. Enter the delivery address or share your location by clicking Send location.

10. Enter your name.

11. Enter your phone number.

12. If you allowed the use of a promo code in the settings, the bot will ask you to enter it.

13. Check the order details and click Confirm and Send.

14. Your order has been sent! You can track it in the store's control panel by the individual number given by the bot.

What you can find out about the order from the control panel

Each order is automatically displayed in the Orders section in the Botstore control panel. To see new orders, you need to refresh the page. You receive notifications about each order in Telegram and by email.

Each order has an individual number– it's ID.

You can change Status for your own convenience. Clients get notifications about all the changes.

If the client paid for the order, the status Paid will be «yes». The status updates automatically and payment notification goes to Telegram and by email.

The name of the user who placed the order is indicated in the Recipient column.

Then you can see his phone number, when the order was created and its price.