Your bot works in the Telegram messenger using the Botstore platform, so you will have to set it in both places. To do everything right, you need to understand the difference between the name and username, be able to set the inline mode, know how to connect payments etc. 

All the main settings of the store are in the control panel. There you select a welcome message, set the minimum order amount, add products, add customers to groups etc. 

Settings about Telegram messenger can be changed by bots @BotFather or @botstorecc_bot. Here you can get a special telegram bot token, without which it’s impossible to create a store, share access to it, change its owner, connect Telegram Payments or set inline mode necessary for searching in the store etc.

Settings like bot’s name, description and avatar also can be changed not in the Botstore control panel, but through a series of Edit Bots commands in @BotFather.

Open the bot and select the command you need:

  • /setname to change the name of the bot;

  • /setdescription to change the description;

  • /setuserpic to change the avatar.

For example, to change the main photo, you need to select the command /setuserpic 

and send the photo you want to put on the avatar

What is the difference between a bot's name and username?

  • Name is displayed in the dialogs. You can change it in the settings. 

  • Username you get after creating a bot. It starts with "@" and it can't be changed anywhere.

«Sushinaka» is the name of the bot, «@MyyyyBot_bot» is its username

Directly in your Telegram store you can change the settings on the part of the user, not the seller. For example, the Phone Number, Address, City or client’s Name. You can play with their settings or place an order to see how the store works.

If you still have questions about settings or something else, just contact our support.