To completely set up your Telegram bot, go to General settings. There are 3 sections here: StoreCatalog and Order

You already filled out the first part of the first section when you created the store

Create a Welcome text – the first response that bot sends to the user who initiates a chat. For example, «Welcome!».

Insert a link to a Public Offer Agreement. If you work in retail, own a restaurant or deliver water, your offers are considered a public offer and you can't sell without an agreement.

Help section

Here you leave your contact details that will allow clients to contact you in case they have any difficulties or additional questions.

  • Enter your Phone Number.

  • If you have a website or a help page, then enter a Link

  • Enter the Nickname of the real shop operator in Telegram: it has to start with «@», for example, @sushinaka.

Click Save and go to the Catalog section.

Catalog section

Add Products. They can be imported from an XLSX/XLS/CSV file, Yandex.Market or Google Merchant Center. The files must conform to a certain structure and contain a obligatory set of fields: just download ready-made examples and work with them. Here they are: for XLSX/XLS/CSV file, Yandex.Market and Google Merchant Center.

Select number of Products on the page. If there are 5 products on the page and 10 in the category, for example, the client will be able to click on «Show more» and see the entire range.

Decide if you want to Group products. This allows you to collect products with the same name, but different options in one card. For example, you can group pizzas of different diameters into one card.

Here's how it will look in the Telegram store:

This is convenient – you don’t need to create different cards for different sizes of meals

Decide if you want to put an Image placeholder for products without an image. In any case, the client will see the entire range. The difference is that with the option enabled, the bot will show products with a default image, and with the option disabled, just text without an image. In this case, the size of the message and buttons will depend on the text.

Allow or disallow adding products to Favorites.

Decide if you want to Show the number of products in the category. If yes, the number of products (in brackets) will be shown in the category name.

Decide if you want to allow Search. This feature makes it easier to order for those who already know what they want, and is available starting from the Business tariff.

To do this, turn on inline mode via @BotFather

  1. Text to @BotFather in Telegram.

  2. Select the /setonline command. 

  3. Select a bot from the list of suggested ones. 

  4. Send @BotFather a message that your customers will see in the search bar. For example, «What do you want to find?».

You can set up this feature in just 3 steps

Click Save and go to the Order section.

Order section

Set a Minimum order amount. If it's, for example, 20 $ and a customer has 19 $ worth of products before discounts, then it won't be possible to make an order.

Decide if you want to accept Promo codes. If yes, customers will be able to enter a promo code placing an order.

Enter the Email address where you want to receive notifications about new orders.

Decide if you want to receive Emails in plain text. This is necessary to send the order immediately for printing. For example, to the printer in the kitchen.

Click Save.