Amplitude is a platform for product analytics. With its help, you can analyze user actions and metrics in the bot. For example, sales funnel conversion, cohort analysis, retention, LTV and much more. The service provides a free tariff plan with 10 million events per month. Integration allows you to transfer all significant events from your store to Amplitude automatically.

How to connect Amplitude

1. Create an account in Amplitude. 

Open the website and go to the Explore Products section.

2. Enter your details. 

3. Confirm your email. 

To switch to a free tariff plan, you need to confirm the email address by clicking on the link from the letter and specify your details.

4. Connect a free tariff plan.

Click on Set up on the Free Plan and enter your company's details in your account.

5. Connect the HTTP API data source. 

And copy api_key. 

6. Connect integration with Amplitude. 

To do this, go to the Integration section in your Botstore personal account.

Enter the api_key you received earlier and click Save

7. Test sending events. 

Open your store in Telegram and do several actions: browse the catalog, add an item to the cart etc. Go back to the amplitude account and wait for the events 

to appear successfully. 

Click Finish. Integration is connected.

List of transfered events and features

Integration automatically transfers all significant events from your store to Amplitude. All events have a unique user ID in the store – userId. The user's Telegram ID and preferred Language also go to the user's features.





Viewing a category in a catalog

  • categoryId

  • categoryTitle


Viewing the product card

  • productId

  • productSKU

  • productTitle

  • productPrice


Adding a product to the cart

  • productId

  • productSKU

  • productTitle

  • productPrice


Viewing the shopping cart screen


Completion of the order by the user

  • orderId

  • sourceId

  • sourceTitle

  • amountTotal

  • currency


Viewing a post in the News section

  • postId

  • postTitle


Adding a product to favorites

  • productId

  • productSKU

  • productTitle

  • productPrice


Removing a product from your favorites

  • productId

  • productSKU

  • productTitle

  • productPrice


Viewing a list of favorite products


Catalog Search

  • query

  • totalFound

Examples of reports

Sales funnel

Report type: Funnel Analysis

Events performed in this order: product.view, cart.add, cart.view, order.submit

New users

Report type: Event Segmentation

Events: New User

Daily Active Users

Report type: Event Segregation

Events: Any Active Event