You can divide clients into groups on the Botstore platform. So you can separate regular clients or make a newsletter about a new pizza on the menu to those who order it most often. To create groups:

1. Go to the Botstore control panel.

2. Open the Client groups section and click Create.

3. Enter the name of the group.

4. You can make it a Default group – then it will automatically be assigned to all new users when they first log in.

5. Enter the Group assigned message that users will see when they are added to the group, and click Save.

How to add a client to the group

1. Open the Clients section.

2. Select a user from the list and click on his Id.

3. In the Group field, select the one you need and click Save.

How to send newsletters to different client groups

1. Go to the Botstore control panel.

2. Open the Mailing section and click Create.

3. Enter the title, mailing text, publication date. If it's necessary, upload an image. And to send a newsletter to a certain group of customers, select it from the drop-down list of Groups. Click Save