Sources help tracking the efficiency of traffic channels. You can track where traffic comes from in your Telegram bot, and how many orders and profits it brings. To do this, you need to create links for each promotion channel:

1. Open the Botstore control panel.

2. Go to Sources and click Create.

3. Enter the link Name. To not get confused in the future, specify in the name of the channel from where you will bring traffic to the Telegram bot using this link.

4. Select the Group where users will be added after clicking on the source. This is an optional move. 

5. Click Save.

This link is useful for any ad format. For example, collaborating with a blogger, you can give him such a link and find out the exact number of people interested in ad

5. The link will be generated automatically.

All you have to do is copy and add it to the traffic source

You can create an unlimited number of links for different purposes and channels. 

So you can easily track the efficiency of channels by the visits, unique clicks, the number of new users and delivered orders. All data will be automatically updated in the control panel. More about titles in the table:

  • Visits – the total number of clicks on the link.

  • Unique clicks – the number of unique users who clicked on the link. For example, even if one person clicks on the link five times, there will be only one unique click.

  • New users – the number of people who logged into the bot for the first time.

  • Delivered orders – the total cost of orders in the statuses Delivered or Shipped.

  • Last visit – the date and time when someone clicked on the link for the last time.