To do this, you need to log out of the service and disconnect your Telegram account from the site.

1. Go to the Botstore control panel and click Log out in the lower left corner.

2. You have logged out of Botstore, but the service data is still saved in your Telegram account. So if you want to change your account, you need to go to the messenger app.

3. Open the Telegram app. Go to Settings – Privacy and Security – Active Websites. All sites that allow you to log in using your messenger account are displayed here.

4. Click BotStore → Log Out.

5. When you try to log in to Botstore right after you have disconnected the site from your Telegram account, this window pops up. To log in with another telegram profile, click Log Out in the upper right corner.

6. Enter the details of the Telegram account with which you want to log in. 

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