The right newsletters in messengers help to get new customers, warm up the interest of old ones, increase audience loyalty and sell more. Here's how to start creating them in your telegram bot.

1. Go to the Botstore control panel → Marketing → Mailings.

2. Click Create

3. Enter the title.

4. You can select the group to which you will send the newsletter. By the way, news can also be sent to different groups of clients.

5. «Yes» in the Published field means that the newsletter will be included in the News in the telegram store.

Here's what it looks like

6. Enter the newsletter text. It can be highlighted in bold or italics, and if you need more formatting options, add tags. You can use any emojis in the text and in the title.

7. Upload files to make the newsletter more interesting. Video, audio, photo and GIF are sent as video, audio, photo and animation. All other attachments are sent as files.

8. Select the publication date. Starting from this date, the message will be displayed in the news list.

9. Click Save to save the draft, or Send to send the newsletter immediately. After you start the newsletter, you can stop it – the Stop button will appear here.

After you have sent the newsletter, its Status will change to «In the newsletter queue». It means that messages are sending to users.

In the meantime the numbers in the Delivered column will change:

  • the first means how many users have received the message;

  • the second is how many users you have sent it to.

Let us explain. 

  • Messages are sent one after the other, so if you send a newsletter to 100 subscribers, then the second number won’t be 100 immediately. 

  • Your clients can block the bot or unsubscribe from the newsletter in the store settings. In this case, the circle of recipients narrows, and the first number of «available» users decreases.

For example, if you sent a newsletter to 10 users, and it reached 7 (three blocked the bot or unsubscribed), then the value in the Delivered column will be 7 out of 10.

After the newsletter has been sent to all possible users, the Status will change to «Sent to all».

You can see who has unsubscribed from the mailing list in the Clients section. To do this, click on the client’s ID: there is a Mailing field in the Information card. If the value «Yes» is there, you can send messages. And «No» means that the client has unsubscribed from the mailing list in the settings.