This feature is available starting from the Startup tariff.

You can create different coupons for your clients: for free shipping, a discount on the entire order, one free product or a gift. You can also give coupons for holidays, promotions or encourage regular clients with them.

1. Go to the General settings → Order.

2. Find the Accept promo codes section and click «Yes».

3. Open the Coupons section.

4. Click Create

5. Enter a name.

6. Enter or generate a promo code.

7. Make sure the coupon is enabled. When the promotion ends, you can turn it off.

8. Select the minimum order amount starting from which the coupon can be applied. For example, at least 30 $.

9. Decide what the minimum order amount is based on: the amount before or after discount.

10. Select the base for the minimum order amount. For example, the entire order or only products without delivery.

11. Decide how many coupons you want to make. For example, 100 if it's some kind of promotion, or 1 if you want to give a coupon to only one client. Coupons are applied at the moment when the user confirms the order.

12. Decide how many times one client can use the coupon. If there are no restrictions, enter «0» in this field.

13. Choose how the discount will be calculated: in the store's currency or as a percentage.

14. Enter the discount amount (numbers only).

15. Set up the base amount from which the discount will be calculated: the entire order, only products, only delivery or the most expensive/cheapest product. If you have selected the cheapest product in this field, which costs 3 $, and set a 20% discount, then it will be 0,6 $: in this case, the base is the cost of a unit of products. And if you chose the entire order worth 30 $, then the same 20% discount will affect both products and delivery, and it will be 6 $.

16. Slick Save

Here you can see how many coupons are left

Here are some ideas for coupons:

  • N% discount on the entire order;

  • free shipping (100% discount on shipping);

  • 1 product as a gift (promo code with a discount of 0% + a present in the order of each clients who used the coupon);

  • N + 1 as a gift (100% discount on the cheapest product);

  • N + 1 product with a 50% discount (50% discount on the cheapest product).

You can see which coupon the buyer used by going to the Orders section and clicking on the order’s ID. The name and amount of the discount is displayed next to the products, delivery and total cost.

To use a coupon, you just need to enter it when making an order.