This feature is available starting from the Business tariff.

You can set up a catalog search in the telegram bot to make it easier for users to find a product if they came for something specific. Or to promote your business for free, when clients share links to products from your store in private chats or groups.

To do this, enable inline mode in @BotFather and allow the «search» function in the store.

1. Write to the bot @BotFather in Telegram.

2. Select the /setinline command.

3. Select a bot from the suggested list.

4. Send @BotFather a message that your customers will see in the search bar. For example, «What do you want to find?»

5. Open the Botstore control panel and go to the General settings → Catalog.

6. Enable search – the feature is available starting from the Business tariff.

Well done! Now clients will be able to search for products in your Telegram store

The Search button appears automatically

After clicking on the Search button, a part of the store's assortment will be displayed in the chat.

When you start searching, the list will narrow down to the products you need.

And this is what the search results look like.

You can call a bot to find the particular product in a telegram store anywhere: in groups, chats with friends, channels etc. To do this, go to any chat, enter «@» and Telegram will show you a list of bots with activated search.

And when you click on the bot, you will see part of the menu and the message that you set up in @BotFather earlier.