With webhook integration you can get information about orders in your CRM or other accounting system. If integration is configured, the system sends a request to the specified URL when creating an order or each time its status changes. 

You can set up several webhook integrations at the same time.

How to set it up

1. Log in to your Botstore personal account. 

2. Go to the Settings

3. In the Integration section, select Connect → Webhook.

4. Enter the address where the order requests will be sent in the URL field. And the HTTP method in most cases is POST. If you are not sure about the method, it’s better to consult with a technician. Click Save.

5. Implement data receiving and processing on the side of your system. The system sends data in the following formats, depending on the selected HTTP method:

  • POST – application/x-www-form-urlencoded;

  • GET – query string.

Here's what the transmitted data might look like.

"address": "Tunisi street 3",

"cost_cart": "2152200",

"cost_delivery": "0.0000",

"cost_discount": "0",

"cost_total": "2152200",

"delivery[id]": "1",

"delivery[price]": "0.0000",

"delivery[title]": "Pick up",

"delivery[type]": "pickup",

"goods[0][article]": "",

"goods[0][count]": "1",

"goods[0][discount]": "0",

"goods[0][id]": "163",

"goods[0][price]": "1581000",

"goods[0][title]": "Milagro KP",

"goods[0][total]": "1581000",

"goods[1][article]": "",

"goods[1][count]": "1",

"goods[1][discount]": "0",

"goods[1][id]": "199",

"goods[1][price]": "571200",

"goods[1][title]": "03-16 E White",

"goods[1][total]": "571200",

"id": "28",

"mobile": "",

"recipient": "",

"time": "",

"user_chat_id": "92801842",

"user_telegram[first_name]": "Name",

"user_telegram[id]": "93843644",

"user_telegram[last_name]": "",

"user_telegram[username]": "@username"